You can READ these testimonials, or SEE and HEAR some of them on my website page videos
Carrol is very knowledgable in what she does. The ambience and warmth of her space makes me look forward to my appointments with her.  Carrol really listens to what your skin needs are and has a holistic picture of the whole human being.  She is very considerate about getting me appointments and getting back to me as soon as she is able. Carrol you rock!
          Lena C., San Francisco, CA--7/27/15 
I initially went to Carrol at A Current Affair 2 years ago when I was visiting a friend in the bay area.  After viewing the videos on her website, I thought her facials sounded rather unique and thought I'd give her a try.
I was very pleased with the results I noticed from just one of Carrol's facial rejuvenation treatments, and made sure I reserved time to see her again on this trip. 
After this recent facial, I wanted to add more to my review from 2 years ago, but was surprised to see my review had been removed. I don't typically write reviews, but when you have found a practitioner that offers so much more than the standard, why keep it a secret?  
I have had many facials over the years in many areas of the country and NONE compare to Carrol's. Her facials are thorough, effective and AMAZING. She even includes acupuncture and electrolysis, if you want it. You also get the option of receiving microdermabrasion or microcurrent at no extra cost!   I have never heard of anyone who offers all this in a facial, not to mention at her very reasonable price.
My skin looks and feels wonderful after one of her treatments.  A Current Affair in Montclair has now become a destination point for me.
          Susan V., Orange, CA -- 8/23/14
I've been going to A Current Affair for the past year for electrolysis.  I had a few sessions with other electrolysis providers before finding Carroll, the owner, and I'm very glad that I took the trouble to find a great one.   
There are three methods used in electrolysis (galvanic, thermolysis, and blend) and Carrol uses all three methods, depending on the needs of her client and the particulars of the hair she is removing. The other people I saw just used one method or the other. 
At one of the prior places I went, the heat was so intense that the provider would be constantly applying ice packs to my face so that it wouldn't burn - it was intensely painful still.  Many people give up on electrolysis because they can't hack it, and I was definitely thinking that this was not for me.  Carrol will adjust the heat settings depending on the location she is treating to a comfortable level.  I have never come out of the session with a burn on my face.  She is constantly checking in on how you are doing, and she works quickly and efficiently.  I go for half hour sessions ($50) twice a month and the session is over before you know it.
I've been really happy with the results. 
In short, Carrol is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and adept at her craft,and is very easy to deal with.  The whole experience is just hassle free and worth the time and effort..  She is located one block off of the Thornhill exit of Highway 13 in Oakland, which makes it really easy and convenient to get in for an appointment.
        Felicia C., Oakland, CA -- 9/22/14
I've been undergoing electrolysis treatments at A Current Affair for almost 11 months (since November 2013). I started coming pretty frequently, 2 appointments a week for about an hour each, but gradually my hair growth decreased to the point where I'm only coming in once a month for about 45 minutes. The change is pretty amazing!
A Current Affair is a great place for electrolysis. I was recommended by a family friend who is a doctor, and I was so impressed with her results that I immediately called for an appointment. It was the best decision I made last year. 
I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found A Current Affair. Carol's office is clean, quiet, and relaxing. There's a heated bed and soothing music and Carol is very friendly, skilled and professional. She's great about giving recommendations for topical creams and exfoliants so get the best results possible, and she's very sensitive to the needs of different skin types. 
The prices are totally reasonable and much cheaper over the long run than waxing for the rest of your life. The location is very close to the freeway and only a five-minute drive from Rockridge BART station, with convenient parking in front of her office. Carol is super nice about making appointments after 5 pm for those who work during the day and can't make morning or afternoon visits. 
I cannot recommend her services enough! For those who have had to deal with unsightly facial and body hair, look no further! You will definitely want to check out A Current Affair. Totally worth it. The results will amaze you!
          Germaine D., Oakland, CA -- 9/10/14
I have been coming to A Current Affair for many years and can attest to Carole's dedication and drive to make sure her clients are given the best when it comes to treatments or advice. I would highly recommend her services to anyone.
           Kari M., Hayward CA -- 4/17/2012
I've been a client here for several years. It was apparent that from the consultation that the owner and I would get along swimmingly. She's very caring, intuitive, communicative, and is very effective. I highly recommend A Current Affair to my friends, family, and strangers-that's how confident I am with her skills. She's very talented with acupuncture, facials, electrolysis, waxing, and much more.  She's never suggest I do any more than what I need done, or ask for. She's kind, and has a very sweet bedside manner. She asks each client for feedback after the first visit, and I have every shred of confidence that she'll do exactly what needs done.         
           Gaytha w. , Oakland, CA -- 5/3/2010
I have known Carole as a colleague for almost 20 years, and she has a very strong work ethic, and is quite reasonable in her pricing. She regularly updates her skills by taking classes and learning the newest, cutting edge treatments.
She has a lovely, giving personality as well, which is a plus when one is getting any kind of "hands on" treatment.
I highly recommend Carole and her business services. 
           Diane DuBois, LMFT, San Francisco, CA --7/2/2013
I started coming to Carol earlier this year because my sister-in-law looked terrific after several visits to Carol. A Current Affair is a one stop shop. I have had a facial with an ionizing mask, while having acupuncture and bio pulsed electro magnetic therapy for my back. Carol also preformed electrolysis and used micro-current to stimulate collagen. She is very talented. She takes time to listen to you. I almost don't have a brow furrow anymore thanks to Carol. I am a fan.
          Debbie H., Oakland, CA -- 8/27/2011
While staying in the bay area, I was unable to schedule a facial at my hotel.  I decided to be brave and check out a near by facility, A Current Affair.  It was my lucky day!! 
From the moment I entered the building, I knew it would be a great experience, and it was!  Carrol took the time to thoroughly evaluate my skin and determine the best treatment for me.  She was gentle and provided the best facial I have ever had...and I have had many!  My only disappointment is that I don't live in the bay area so I will not be able to see her on a regular basis.  You can bet the next time I am there, I will be sure to schedule a beauty treatment with Carrol at A Current Affair!  I don't usually write reviews, but I was so pleased with the results, I couldn't keep it to myself.  I wanted to share my find with others.
          Susan V., Orange, CA -- 7/25/2010
I would highly recommend A Current Affair.  I was a client over a year ago for several electrolysis treatments.  The owner was always professional and informative.  I work in the health care field, so am very critical about any treatments.  The environment is pleasant and relaxing.  I just returned needing acupuncture for arthritis in my knees.  My acupuncturist, who is an MD and a acupuncturist from China, was away on vacation.  I wasn't sure what to expect from Carrol   I left the office with my knees feeling much better and was able to go for a comfortable walk that evening with my dog.
          Karen H., Oakland, CA -- 6/28/10
A Current Affair is a warm and welcoming setting for health and beauty treatments. Carol is a master of acupuncture, electrolisis, micro current and facials (and probably much more, but this is what I have taken advantage of). Based on my experience and that of others, I know that she takes into account the patient/clients' needs and interests and develops in concert with the client a personalized treatment plan. This approach, in addition to her professionalism, have made me a very happy client! I highly recommend her to everyone!
          SouthernBelle, Concord, CA -- 6/28/2010
I have been seeing Carrol for a few months now, and I would absolutely recommend her and her services.  She is an electrologist, esthetician and acupuncturist who also performs facial rejuvenation. Her background in hair and skin care is extensive and I trust her opinion in these areas implicitly.  Carrol is the only electrologist who suspected my hair problem was more hormonal and suggested some other tests that detected the problem.  Now, for the first time in years, I am finally seeing results from my treatments.
Carrol's office is professional, private and conveniently located in Montclair with free parking.  She is not only warm and friendly, but she genuinely cares for her clients.  I can't recomment her enough.
          p.m., Oakland, CA -- 5/16/2010
I have been a client of Carrol's for just about a year now.  I have received treatments of both electrolysis and acupuncture from her and this gal has a knack with needles. Carrol has a calm, relaxing style that would put anyone at ease. The minute I step into her office I feel a sense of relaxation. I have been quite pleased with my results and feel very comfortable recommending her to anyone in need of these services.
          Debra L., Oakland, CA -- 5/10/2010
I began seeing Carrol for skin care and electrolysis about twelve years ago.  It wasn't until I strained my back helping a friend move that I decided to try acupuncture.  I was amazed by how gentle yet effective Carrol's acupuncture treatments were.  My appointments were never the same either.  I received microcurrent, LED light, Moxa, cupping, warm pads and other things that all helped in their special way.  
For those of you who are experiencing pain but are afraid of needles, just know there is comforting, painless relief available with Carrol at "A Current Affair in Montclair.”
          Christine D., San Leandro, CA -- 2/8/2009
Several years ago I was referred to Carrol at  "A Current Affair"  in Montclair for electrolysis.  I feel I have truly benefited from the fact that she is not just an electrologist, but she is also an esthetician, and an acupuncturist.  
I now enjoy all the services Carrol offers but my favorite is her acupuncture facial rejuvenation series. I was impressed by how specific the facial rejuvenation series was tailored to my skin type, body type, and emotions during each visit. Carrol draws from every aspect of her background to give you a completely relaxing, whole body rejuvenation.
          Katelynne C. -- Orinda, CA -- 12/31/2008
Five Star Treatment!
Carrol has been treating me for almost a year. She is conservative with the electrolysis and I have had no reactions to it. I have also used her for acupuncture for TMJ which has helped my pain tremendously. She is kind and caring and listens to what her clients need and want. The treatment plan is fair and practical and meets my needs. I highly recommend this salon for any of your electrolysis and acupuncture needs. Thanks Carrol
          magnoliabelle78  --  08/31/2010
I was traveling in the bay area and wanted to have a facial. I couldn't get an appointment in my hotel so I took a chance and visited A Current Affair. I loved the atmosphere of the office, so welcoming! Carrol took the time to ask detailed questions about my skin and the kind of results I was looking for in a facial. It was the BEST facial I ever had, and I've had many! Additionally, I was had a sinus headache that day and Carrol performed acupuncture and my headache was gone!. It was completely painless. I left feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated! My only problem is that I don't live in the bay area, but you can bet when I return, I'll be making another trip to see Carrol at A Current Affair.  
           svincent1  -- 08/01/2010
I have been seeing Carrol for a few months now, and I would absolutely recommend her and her services. She is an electrologist, esthetician and acupuncturist who performs facial rejuvenation. Her background in hair and skin care is extensive and I trust her opinion in these areas implicitly. Carrol is the only electrologist, who suspected my hair problem was more hormonal and suggested some other tests that detected the problem. Now for the first time in years, I am finally seeing results from my treatments. Carrol’s office is professional, private and conveniently located in Montclair. She is not only warm and friendly, but she genuinely cares for her clients. I can’t recommend her enough.
              happymom60 -- 05/22/2010
Relief from Migraines!
I am so grateful to have been referred to Carol's acupuncture office for my migraine headaches. I was actually experiencing a mild migraine when I arrived for my first appointment, but to my amazement, it was gone before my appointment had ended. Carol's style is relaxed and friendly. The atmosphere of her office is very calming and I love the sound of her bamboo water fountain. For years I had been having at least one migraine headache a week. Carol scheduled me for two treatments the first and second week, and one treatment the third through the fifth week. Now after five weeks, I still have not had even one migraine. But if I do, I know there is a relaxing atmosphere at Carols office where I can treat my migraine without having to rely on heavy medications. I'll take acupuncture over medications any day!
            lifeisgood1991 -- 12/31/2008
Best Facial I Ever Had
Carrol's facials are the BEST ever! I have also used her acupuncture services. She is amazing! I always leave there completely relaxed and refreshed!
You have helped me in so many ways, I just can't thank you enough.
From acupuncture pain relief to relaxing facials.
           Samantha9 --  8/01/2010  
All I can say is Thank You! You are a star in my book.
            C. D. -- January 01, 2009 


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