Healthy Weight Loss and Nutritional Counseling


Our 12-week individualized weight loss program is based on the principles of Oriental Medicine, Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes, and Metabolic Typing.  Because we metabolize our food in a different way, it is important to eat the best foods for our body type. You will learn the correct foods that target your specific problem areas. When you eat for your metabolic type, you will experience fewer cravings and more energy.



We will design strategies for:


 Food shopping                   • Food prep.   


• Eating on the go                Stress reduction 


• Eating for your lifestyle


• Forming & continuing new healthy habits


The following modalities may be utilized

   Our 21 Day Detox and Purification Program - releases toxins from your internal organs which     

   results in greater mental focus, more energy and a stronger immune system.

   Acupuncture - (body and auricular) - to increase metabolism, reduce cravings and calm anxiety.

    Microcurrentto decongest adipose tissue and revitalize the lymph and digestive system.

   Nutritional Counseling and Guidance -  for support and accountability.

   Hypnotherapy - for emotional eating and stress reduction

   Herbs and Tinctures - may be prescribed in some cases.

   Customized Exercise Plan - increases metabolism and improves digestive function.

   Bio-Electric-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation (BEMER) increases micro-circulation flushing out toxins.


We will look at and monitor:


 • Blood Pressure                 • Metabolic Type


 • Food plan & journals         • Exercise logs


 • BIA (Body Impedance Analysis)


 • BMI (Body Mass Index)


 • Acid/Alkaline balanced foods    


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