Expert Weight Loss Health Care in San Leandro CA

Our 12-week individualized weight loss program is based on the principles of Oriental Medicine, Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes, and Metabolic Typing.  Because we metabolize our food in a different way, it is important to eat the best foods for our body type. You will learn the correct foods that target your specific problem areas. When you eat for your metabolic type, you will experience fewer cravings and more energy.

Maintaining a good body weight is very important. Many are overweight and they are always looking for different methods to lose weight. But before taking any plan weight loss in San Leandro, you must understand the reasons to do so. Well, a proper fit in dress and a lean body shape is not all that is must. Weight loss is not only necessary for improving body image. There are also many other reasons that require you to leave obesity and choose an effective weight loss plan. Weight loss is necessary to effectively do day to day tasks and to keep various health problems.

The most evident and basic need and benefit of weight loss is improved health. An effective weight loss can save you from countless health problems like diabetes, body pains, cardiac problems and depression. Those who currently suffer from such problems can greatly improve their condition with proper weight loss. Excess weight can have serious effects on your bones and joints. With weight loss, you can successfully gain a relief in joint pain. Successful weight loss does not only treat physical issues but is also very beneficial for getting a good mental health. Studies show that with weight loss, patients seem to have improved self confidence levels.

Weight loss techniques work in two stages: diet control and shedding weight. A number of weight loss techniques are available, that can effectively help you lose weight and deal with several health problems. Restrictive surgeries aim to shrink the size of the stomach to slow down digestion. Gastric Banding is a modern weight loss technique that is completely safe and works by reducing the calorie intake. The globally famous technique of acupuncture is found to be effective in weight loss. When practiced with proper diet control and exercises, patients showed positive signs of weight loss with acupuncture. Contact A Current Affair to get the best weight loss in San Leandro.


I have been a client of Carrol's for just about a year now.  I have received treatments of both electrolysis and acupuncture from her and this gal has a knack with needles. Carrol has a calm, relaxing style that would put anyone at ease. The minute I step into her office I feel a sense of relaxation. I have been quite pleased with my results and feel very comfortable recommending her to anyone in need of these services.
          Debra L., Oakland, CA -- 5/10/2010
I began seeing Carrol for skin care and electrolysis about twelve years ago.  It wasn't until I strained my back helping a friend move that I decided to try acupuncture.  I was amazed by how gentle yet effective Carrol's acupuncture treatments were.  My appointments were never the same either.  I received microcurrent, LED light, Moxa, cupping, warm pads and other things that all helped in their special way.  
For those of you who are experiencing pain but are afraid of needles, just know there is comforting, painless relief available with Carrol at "A Current Affair in Montclair.”
          Christine D., San Leandro, CA -- 2/8/2009
Several years ago I was referred to Carrol at  "A Current Affair"  in Montclair for electrolysis.  I feel I have truly benefited from the fact that she is not just an electrologist, but she is also an esthetician, and an acupuncturist.  
I now enjoy all the services Carrol offers but my favorite is her acupuncture facial rejuvenation series. I was impressed by how specific the facial rejuvenation series was tailored to my skin type, body type, and emotions during each visit. Carrol draws from every aspect of her background to give you a completely relaxing, whole body rejuvenation.
          Katelynne C. -- Orinda, CA -- 12/31/2008
Five Star Treatment!
Carrol has been treating me for almost a year. She is conservative with the electrolysis and I have had no reactions to it. I have also used her for acupuncture for TMJ which has helped my pain tremendously. She is kind and caring and listens to what her clients need and want. The treatment plan is fair and practical and meets my needs. I highly recommend this salon for any of your electrolysis and acupuncture needs. Thanks Carrol
          magnoliabelle78  --  08/31/2010
I was traveling in the bay area and wanted to have a facial. I couldn't get an appointment in my hotel so I took a chance and visited A Current Affair. I loved the atmosphere of the office, so welcoming! Carrol took the time to ask detailed questions about my skin and the kind of results I was looking for in a facial. It was the BEST facial I ever had, and I've had many! Additionally, I was had a sinus headache that day and Carrol performed acupuncture and my headache was gone!. It was completely painless. I left feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated! My only problem is that I don't live in the bay area, but you can bet when I return, I'll be making another trip to see Carrol at A Current Affair.  
           svincent1  -- 08/01/2010
I have been seeing Carrol for a few months now, and I would absolutely recommend her and her services. She is an electrologist, esthetician and acupuncturist who performs facial rejuvenation. Her background in hair and skin care is extensive and I trust her opinion in these areas implicitly. Carrol is the only electrologist, who suspected my hair problem was more hormonal and suggested some other tests that detected the problem. Now for the first time in years, I am finally seeing results from my treatments. Carrol’s office is professional, private and conveniently located in Montclair. She is not only warm and friendly, but she genuinely cares for her clients. I can’t recommend her enough.
              happymom60 -- 05/22/2010
Relief from Migraines!
I am so grateful to have been referred to Carol's acupuncture office for my migraine headaches. I was actually experiencing a mild migraine when I arrived for my first appointment, but to my amazement, it was gone before my appointment had ended. Carol's style is relaxed and friendly. The atmosphere of her office is very calming and I love the sound of her bamboo water fountain. For years I had been having at least one migraine headache a week. Carol scheduled me for two treatments the first and second week, and one treatment the third through the fifth week. Now after five weeks, I still have not had even one migraine. But if I do, I know there is a relaxing atmosphere at Carols office where I can treat my migraine without having to rely on heavy medications. I'll take acupuncture over medications any day!
            lifeisgood1991 -- 12/31/2008
Best Facial I Ever Had
Carrol's facials are the BEST ever! I have also used her acupuncture services. She is amazing! I always leave there completely relaxed and refreshed!
You have helped me in so many ways, I just can't thank you enough.
From acupuncture pain relief to relaxing facials.
           Samantha9 --  8/01/2010  
All I can say is Thank You! You are a star in my book.
            C. D. -- January 01, 2009 

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