Microcurrent & Microdermabrasion Treatment in Emeryville!

If you are also fed up of trying countless steps to get rid of unwanted hair but have gained no results so far, contact A Current Affair to get the best electrolysis in Emeryville with comfortable treatment that gives permanent results at the most affordable prices. Our treatment clinic provides best electrologist in Emeryville through Electrolysis, which is one of the best modern methods to remove bodily and facial hair permanently by destroying the main growth part of the hair using energy. Through a needle, electric current is passed to the hair follicles, which produce sodium hydroxide to permanently destroy the hair growth cells. Electrolysis is a safe, pain free, effective and a right option for getting rid of unwanted hair. For electrolysis in Emeryville, contact our team at A Current Affair and we give you the best advice and treatment for the best electrologist in Emeryville.

A Current Affair also offers the microcurrent treatment to the patients in Emeryville. Microcurrent is the treatment for damaged tissues to relieve pain and discomfort from any injuries or chronic condition. The process involves sending electrical current of fixed frequency to the body or skin. In case of skin treatment, microcurrent stimulates skin cells to improve the production of skin enhancement chemicals that resist skin aging. Microcurrent in Emeryville tend to grow in popularity because of its benefits like providing skin firmness, balancing muscle tone, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improving facial circulation and enhanced lymphatic drainage. Contact A Current Affair to get the treatment of Microcurrent in Emeryville to give yourself a healthy, clean and a tight skin.

Another widely used skin treatment technique is the microdermabrasion. It is a skin procedure that aims at improving skin tone and texture by reducing wrinkles, dark spots, acne and other skin related conditions. The process involves a special applicator that has a slightly rough textured surface, which sands away the dull outer layer of skin. The process is completely safe and is found to be effective for all skin types and of all colors. Contact A Current Affair to know more about the benefits and advantages of microdermabrasion in Emeryville. Our dermatologists have successfully handles several cases of microdermabrasion and we feel proud to be addressed as the favourite dermatologists of our clients in Emeryville.

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