A Current Affair offers a wide range of non-surgical skin treatments to its customers. However, the most common and preferred procedure among the patients is facial. A facial in Castro Valley can be effective in a number of problems. A facial can successfully clean, exfoliate, and nourish your skin to work against blackheads and spots. It can offer a healthier skin, and help it relax. A facial can also make your skin appear younger. Our dedicated team in Castro Valley is expert in facial rejuvenation through standard facials and starts the process with a proper discussion with the client about his diet, routine, requirements and the products you are using to ascertain the best products for your skin type. The basic parts of the facial is cleaning dirt, makeup traces and dead skin cell from face parts using warm water and cleaners. The dead skin cells are removed with an exfoliating ointment and the process is called exfoliation. The next step deals with blackheads and acne by clearing the clogged skin pores and improving the blood flow through massage. Lastly but very importantly, customs masks are then applied to balance oiliness and hydration in the skin. A serum or a moisturizer is also used. Contact us today to get the best facial rejuvenation in Castro Valley from the experienced team of dermatologists at the most competitive prices.

At your first Facial Appointment...

We will discuss your skin care regimen, diet and desired goals. For the Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation Series, we take a more in-depth look at improving nutrition, lifestyle habits, quality of sleep, and minimizing stress. Every facial begins with an assessment, followed by two customized cleanses, exfoliation, and extractions if needed. Attention is then concentrated on your specific areas of concern.

Hear what people are saying about our Facial Rejuvenation Series!

Common conditions we help with:

• Sagging

• Dark Spots/Pigmentation

• Wrinkles

• Broken Capillaries

• Breakouts

• Unwanted Facial Hair

• Sun Damage

• Clogged Pores

• Dry Flaky Skin

• Premature Aging

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