Skin Care and Facial Rejuvenation Berkeley

When the body is out of balance it is reflected in the health of our skin

Microcurrent Facials

Did you know...

Deficiencies in digestive enzymes can increase inflammation and put stress on the immune system. This can also cause a host of skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, rosacea and even psoriasis. Eating a balanced diet helps keep enzymes at proper levels, and increases overall wellness for healthier looking skin.

Outdoor exposures, Sunlight, skin diseases, growing age and heredity can cause skin problems such as wrinkles, discoloration, spots, acne, freckles, sunspots, visible blood vessels, lose skin, etc. A number of treatment options are available to cure treat these skin problems. Some common treatments that can help in improving the skin condition by reducing wrinkles and fine lines are laser resurfacing, mechanical resurfacing and chemical peels. You can contact A Current Affair for a facial rejuvenation in Berkeley. Our experts will help you know the best skin treatment for you, which will provide you long lasting results. An effective facial rejuvenation in Berkeley can provide you a healthier, clear, smooth and a more youthful skin.

At your first Facial Appointment...

We will discuss your skin care regimen, diet and desired goals. For the Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation Series, we take a more in-depth look at improving nutrition, lifestyle habits, quality of sleep, and minimizing stress. Every facial begins with an assessment, followed by two customized cleanses, exfoliation, and extractions if needed. Attention is then concentrated on your specific areas of concern.

If you wish to receive more than the above mentioned, there is an additional fee.  If you wish to receive more than the above mentioned, there is an additional fee. 

  • Electrolysis (by request)- for safe, effective removal of unwanted facial hair. The only method approved by the FDA as PERMANENT.

 • Acupuncture - using distal points on the body it balances, tonifies and re-energizes for a whole body experience.

 • BEMER - Bio-Electric Magnetic Energy Regulation - while lying on this FDA approved mat, it will gently move the microcirculation in your whole body.  This has many benefits which include strengthening the immune system.

 • Microcurrent - re-educates relaxed facial muscles by toning and lifting. It also improves circulation to flush out toxins. (Note: shoul not receive if you have received Botox treatments within the last three months.)                                                   
 • Microdermabrasion - removes dead skin cells, evens skin tone, minimizes fine wrinkles and allows for better absorption of topical nutrients.

 • Facial Acupuncture - softens specific wrinkles and contours face and jaw line for tighter, smoother looking skin.                  

Facial Capillary Treatment (by request) for a clearer more youthful looking complexion                                 

LED Light - like acupuncture and microcurrent, this cool light stimulates collagen and elastin production and increases firmness.

Aromatherapy/Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage - used with pure essential oils helps to reduces puffiness around eye and enhances the immune system.

Ionizing Masque - provides a deeper penetration of the booster serums formulated in your final customized masque. 

** Facial Rejuvenation is preventative and restorative and gives good results against the normal aging process. 

** Treatments may vary from subtle to dramatic.  Maintenance at intervals of 4-8 weeks are suggested.

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