Expert Digestive Health Care in Berkeley CA

If you face any of the above mentioned symptoms, you must consult your doctor. A, effective treatment plan requires you to first diagnose the actual problem that you are facing. As per the signs and symptoms, you r doctor can prescribe some tests such as colonoscopy, upper endoscopy, endographic ultrasound or sigmoidoscopy. These tests help in identifying the problem and are must. With results from these tests, your doctor can decide the best treatment for your digestive problem after identifying the problem. In fact, a doctor who is specialist in diagnosis and treatment of digestive disorders is called a gastroenterologist. You can also take advice from dietitians, radiologists, general surgeons and nutritionists to talk about your digestive problems.

A Current Affair provides best treatments for several digestive problems. Several patients have undertaken our treatment plans and have benefited from them, by recovering from problems related to digestive in Berkeley. We follow a goal specific approach to achieve the desired results through exercises, lifestyle changes and finally; medicines. In many cases, patients may need to lose weight to deal with digestive disorders. A Current Affair offers weight loss and nutrition counseling, which is very effective in treating various digestive problems.

With so many chemicals in the form of pesticides and insecticides going into diet and improper lifestyle habits, people can develop various digestive problems that can have adverse effects on various body parts. Some common problems related to digestive in Berkeley are heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, lactose intolerance and Appendicitis. Almost all the digestive problems have similar symptoms like bloated tummy, gas, pain, cramps, diarrhea, etc. However, these may vary greatly in themselves. Any digestive disorder can become a big issue and therefore, you must do your best at the earliest to treat them by visiting a good doctor near you.

You can READ these testimonials, or SEE and HEAR some of them on my website page videos
Carrol is very knowledgable in what she does. The ambience and warmth of her space makes me look forward to my appointments with her.  Carrol really listens to what your skin needs are and has a holistic picture of the whole human being.  She is very considerate about getting me appointments and getting back to me as soon as she is able. Carrol you rock!
          Lena C., San Francisco, CA--7/27/15 
I initially went to Carrol at A Current Affair 2 years ago when I was visiting a friend in the bay area.  After viewing the videos on her website, I thought her facials sounded rather unique and thought I'd give her a try.
I was very pleased with the results I noticed from just one of Carrol's facial rejuvenation treatments, and made sure I reserved time to see her again on this trip. 
After this recent facial, I wanted to add more to my review from 2 years ago, but was surprised to see my review had been removed. I don't typically write reviews, but when you have found a practitioner that offers so much more than the standard, why keep it a secret?  
I have had many facials over the years in many areas of the country and NONE compare to Carrol's. Her facials are thorough, effective and AMAZING. She even includes acupuncture and electrolysis, if you want it. You also get the option of receiving microdermabrasion or microcurrent at no extra cost!   I have never heard of anyone who offers all this in a facial, not to mention at her very reasonable price.
My skin looks and feels wonderful after one of her treatments.  A Current Affair in Montclair has now become a destination point for me.
          Susan V., Orange, CA -- 8/23/14
I've been going to A Current Affair for the past year for electrolysis.  I had a few sessions with other electrolysis providers before finding Carroll, the owner, and I'm very glad that I took the trouble to find a great one.   
There are three methods used in electrolysis (galvanic, thermolysis, and blend) and Carrol uses all three methods, depending on the needs of her client and the particulars of the hair she is removing. The other people I saw just used one method or the other. 
At one of the prior places I went, the heat was so intense that the provider would be constantly applying ice packs to my face so that it wouldn't burn - it was intensely painful still.  Many people give up on electrolysis because they can't hack it, and I was definitely thinking that this was not for me.  Carrol will adjust the heat settings depending on the location she is treating to a comfortable level.  I have never come out of the session with a burn on my face.  She is constantly checking in on how you are doing, and she works quickly and efficiently.  I go for half hour sessions ($50) twice a month and the session is over before you know it.
I've been really happy with the results. 
In short, Carrol is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and adept at her craft,and is very easy to deal with.  The whole experience is just hassle free and worth the time and effort..  She is located one block off of the Thornhill exit of Highway 13 in Oakland, which makes it really easy and convenient to get in for an appointment.
        Felicia C., Oakland, CA -- 9/22/14

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